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Beaches in Rio

Beaches in Rio

One of the main reasons people visit Brazil are the amazing Praias (beaches) all over the country, and Rio de Janeiro has some of the most popular ones.
It’s hard to choose, as there are so many beaches in Rio, but that’s actually a good thing: you’ll find the best beach for everyone! Going to the beach is always super fun, and it gets even better when you enjoy some snacks as you spend the day there. Check out some of the best bites you can have here! (but hey, maybe wait a while after eating before going after the amazing Brazilian waves!).


Beaches in RioAccessible by public transport, worldwide recognized, filled with activities and the full Rio environment. If you’re up for the challenge of waking up on time, this beach is great to admire the sunrise. Surrounded by markets and with vendors walking by, this beach offers entertainment all day long. As the night begins you can take a walk down the coast line, have some drinks and enjoy the music.


Beaches at RioThis one probably rings a bell, if you ever heard about the song “Garota de Ipanema” (Girl from Ipanema). This song became an icon for the beach and even for Rio itself. Just like Copacabana, it’s also one of the first tourist spots from Rio that comes to you. Properly connected by transport, with hotels, markets, bars and kiosks all around, fun for everyone.
If you managed to see the sunrise in Copacabana, here’s where you want to be for the sunset, especially in the area of Pedra do Arpoador (Arpoador Rock).

Praia Vermelha

Beaches in RioDon’t let the location fool you! Despite the fact that it is so close to some of the main tourist points in Rio, it’s still quite relaxed. Most people go to the area to get to the top of the Sugarloaf Mountain (which is absolutely recommended!). Actually, if you take part in that activity, this is the beach you’ll see on your way up, with its calm waters and amazing scenery.
If you feel like you want to explore a bit more, there are a few paths you can follow, like the Claudio Coutinho Path, and you can even get to the Urca Peak.

Praia da Gavea (also known as São Conrado)

Beaches at RioAbout 20 minutes by car from Copacabana, or about 30-40 minutes from the city centre area. The Metro will also get you there!
One of the favourites for surfers, this beach is also more quiet compared to the famous beaches of Copacabana-Ipanema.
The Pedra da Gavea rock formation is also one of the best climbing experiences around the area, and for the ones chasing after more thrill, there’s also hang gliding and paragliding available. (Check for mountaineering experiences here!)

Praia da Reserva

Beaches in RioThis beach is located right between Praia da Barra da Tijuca and Praia do Recreo dos Bandeirantes. If you want to be in a more relaxed environment, this is the beach for you. From Copacabana it will take you approximately half an hour to get there by car. Tons of space, white sand, and depending on the day you can get some strong waves. The fact that is more relaxed doesn’t mean there’s no infrastructure, you’ll still find places to have a good meal or some snacks.


Beaches at RioAway from the crowds (especially during the week) , about an hour away by car from Copacabana, this paradise is waiting for you. A tip? Arrive early, as there’s not that much comfortable parking space compared to other areas (it’s a protected space). Adored by surfers, it’s quite small as opposed to other beaches in Rio de Janeiro, and there’s a few kiosks to get some snacks (you can expect a bit more movement and vendors during the weekends and high season).

Map of the Beaches

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