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Best Museums Buenos Aires

Best Museums Buenos Aires

Best Museums Buenos Aires, a list of the best cultural activities in the city of Buenos Aires and its various options.

Undoubtedly, Buenos Aires is one of the largest cities in Argentina, as is the range of different attractions it has. In this case, for those travelers who enjoy a cultural visit, museums are essential to get to know the city we visit even more thoroughly.

For this reason, we decided to put together a list of the best museums in Buenos Aires. Of all the list, without a doubt the ones you cannot miss are the MALBA and the Museum of Fine Arts, whose collections are invaluable! The rest, clearly, are also worth visiting, not only for their exhibitions and art, but, in addition, they are located in imposing buildings that will catch your attention.

An Extra tip: most of the city’s museums are free to enter, and if not, it is usually quite accessible!

Now, let’s start to list the Best Museums in Buenos Aires:

MALBA (Museum of Latin American Art Buenos Aires)

Best Museums Buenos AiresIt is the most complete museum in terms of Latin American Art. With pieces dating from the 20th and 21st centuries, all from Latin America. Located in the heart of Palermo neighborhood, very close to the huge parks that you can also take advantage of to explore and enjoy. Without a doubt, you can add a moment of outdoor activity to this visit!

Here we leave the Museum’s website to have detailed and current information, since, given the global situation of COVID-19, the protocols are being updated.


National Museum of Fine Arts

Best Museums Buenos AiresWithout moving too much from the MALBA, you will find in the Recoleta neighborhood this beautiful building, full of the most important collections of Art in all of South America. You will be able to see international works by artists such as Rembrandt, Degas, Monet or Goya; as well as many important and local artists who represent traditions and customs of life in the city and the country itself.

On the top floor of the museum you can visit the Collection of 20th Century Argentine Art.

Here we leave your website for more information.


Decorative Art Museum

Best Museums Buenos AiresWalking a few blocks, you will come across this impressive Museum of Decorative Art. Located in a beautiful French-style palace, which is one of the most imposing and important mansions in the city of Buenos Aires.

Undoubtedly, it will dazzle you from its main facade, so we recommend you not to miss the chance to see its interior!

Here we leave the museum’s website to keep us informed of current schedules and protocols.


Fortabat Collection

Best Museums Buenos AiresLocated in the Puerto Madero neighborhood, quite close to the neighborhoods mentioned above, it was the creation of Amalia Fortabat, an Argentine philanthropist who inaugurated this new building in order to have a space to display her collections.

In this place, you will be able to find paintings by internationally renowned artists such as William Turner and Andy Warhol, as well as countless very important national artists. If you go to the second floor of the building, you will be able to marvel at an incredible height view of the Dikes that Puerto Madero has.

Here you can access the website of the place.


National Historical Museum

Historical MuseumIf your interest is in knowing much more about the History of Argentina, this site is for you! Among its exhibitions, you will find objects of great importance in relation to those who founded the country, as well as pieces of art and the history of the most important events of the evolution lived in this beautiful Argentine land.

Since it is located in the San Telmo neighborhood, you can enjoy a beautiful walk through this traditional place in the city, and we recommend that you do not miss a walk through the San Telmo Market!

Here is the museum website for more information.


Isaac Fernandez Blanco Museum

Isaac Fernandez BlancoNot far from the San Telmo neighborhood, but walking towards Plaza San Martín, in Retiro, you will come across this small museum, located inside a Neoclassical style building and surrounded by several different hotels.

It is dedicated to the Collection of South American Colonial Art, and among its attractions, it has impressive colonial paintings, as well as a variety of collections of silver pieces.

The building where it is located will also leave you speechless!

Here we leave your website for updated information.



Modern ArtIf it still seems little to you, we are going to leave you other options so that you can enjoy this museum marathon more thoroughly!

Also in the San Telmo neighborhood, you will be able to enter the MACBA (Museum of Contemporary Art of Buenos Aires) and the MAMBA (Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires), both dedicated to works of Contemporary Art.

And, finally, we recommend you visit the Ex ESMA Memory and Human Rights Space, which keeps the memories that society lived in the 70s, under the cruelty and violence of the Military Government of that time. It is located in what was a detention camp during the military dictatorship that the country suffered, so even its walls keep history.


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