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Carnival Museum of Montevideo

Carnival Museum of Montevideo

Carnival Museum of Montevideo, all the history and information about this particular museum.

It is located in the historic center of the city of Montevideo and has been open since 2006. Without a doubt, it is a great option to learn more about Uruguayan culture.

Carnival Museum of MontevideoThe objective of this museum is to exhibit, disseminate, preserve and give value to the traditions and objects that make up the largest popular festival in Uruguay.

It is the gateway to the Uruguayan spirit, to understand why Carnival is so important in this country. Thousands of tourists visit this space, in addition to local visitors, to discover the magic of this national party.

Located in front of the port of Montevideo, it is a space that unites different cultures and immerses us in the history of the largest Carnival in the world.

Carnival Museum of MontevideoWhen you visit this site, you will be able to walk through a very elegant venue with chronological images of the Uruguayan Carnival from colonial times to the current period. In turn, you will be able to know the details of the events that originated this artistic expression, glimpse the models, photos and masks that represent this festivity since its inception.

In another of its rooms, the costumes used by seven murgas with the highest score of the 2006 Carnival are exposed. In turn, you will be able to understand the union towards African culture, since they were the ones who arrived in Uruguay through the slave trade, bringing with it the languages ​​and rhythms that were incorporated into the traditional carnival as a reinterpretation of said culture. In addition to bringing their rhythms, they were the ones who introduced the drum, a sound that dominated all the acts and united these cultures. Thus, it was through Candombe that Uruguay found its own musical and cultural identity.

Carnival Museum of MontevideoWithin the catalog of samples that it has, you will find about Candombe, History of Carnival in Uruguay, the Old Planks and the Murga. Also, you will be able to access guided tours, educational workshops and much more. We leave you their website here so you can access more information.

Without hesitation, it is a must if you visit the city of Montevideo!

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In this note, we tell you everything you can do in this Uruguayan city.


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