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Centennial Stadium of Montevideo

Centennial Stadium of Montevideo

Centennial Stadium of Montevideo, all the information about this impressive football stadium, venue of the World Cup.

It is located in the Batlle Park neighborhood, in the city of Montevideo. It is administered by the CAFO (Administrative Commission of the Official Field), which is made up of members of the Municipality of Montevideo and the Uruguayan Football Association.

Centennial Stadium of MontevideoOne of the 15 largest stadiums in all of America, the one with the largest capacity in the entire Uruguayan country. Declared by FIFA (International Association Football Federation) as a Historical Monument of World Football on July 18, 1983.

It currently has a capacity for 60,235 spectators, but the largest capacity it had was 74,860 people, when the stadium’s headers were expanded. This reduction in the number of spectators is due to the security measures that were taken by closing the slopes.

It became the most important stadium for sports development in South America, built specifically for the 1930 World Cup. It served as the venue for other important championships such as the 1942, 1956 and 1967 South Americans, and the 1995 Copa América. and the 1980 World Champions Gold Cup, all tournaments won by Uruguay. Currently, the country’s soccer team plays its home games; for the rest of the clubs, it is allowed to use this stadium with a rent in between.

Centennial Stadium of MontevideoIts name is due to the celebration of the 100 years of the first Constitution of Uruguay, and it took only 9 months to complete its construction. Of all the infrastructure of this stadium, you will notice that a kind of needle is erected, that is the Torre de los Homenajes. Its function is to officiate as a viewpoint towards the city and towards the interior of the stadium. It is an independent concrete building, declared Historical Heritage of the City, which is inserted in the middle of the south grandstand, with a total height of 100 meters. The balconies of the viewpoint, which are 9 in total, are the representation of the stripes of the country’s flag: five white and four blue. Its base is the imitation of the prow of a ship and the wings of an airplane, representing the arrival of immigrants in Uruguay.

Centennial Stadium of MontevideoWith the visit to the stadium, we also recommend taking a moment to visit the Football Museum. It was inaugurated in 1975, on December 15, and became one of the most interesting points for those who visit the city of Montevideo. Here we leave you the link to the website of the stadium, where you can also see all the information about the Football Museum.

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