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Chinese Neighborhood Buenos Aires

Chinese Neighborhood Buenos Aires

Chinese Neighborhood Buenos Aires, all the details so you can enjoy one of the spaces of Asian culture in the middle of the city.

The city of Buenos Aires has a neighborhood that encompasses Chinese culture, with its details, aesthetics, and characteristics.

Chinese Neighborhood Buenos AiresApart from having the Japanese Garden, identical to one in Japan, this neighborhood is like immersing yourself in China. Here we tell you more details of the Japanese Garden for you to visit!

Faced with the massive immigration that Argentina had, there was the possibility of being able to appreciate a great diversity of cultures in the city. For this reason, Buenos Aires has some contrasts in terms of its architecture. Join our Free Tours to find out more here!

But in this case, it is an absolutely Asian neighborhood that is embedded in the middle of the Belgrano neighborhood.

Chinese Neighborhood Buenos AiresThe arrival of Asian culture was from the 1860s to the 1930s, when Argentina experienced a boom moment known as the Golden Age, where a huge number of French, Spanish and Italians came to the country to seek a better future and take refuge from the adversities they were suffering in their territories at that time. In turn, it greatly increased the income of Jewish communities and Asian families from all over that continent who were not exempt from this global mobilization.

For this very reason, many Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese families, but above all, Chinese, came to Argentina to settle in Buenos Aires, with no idea of ​​retiring. In this way, the Chinatown was created, the cradle where the largest number of oriental families are found that emanate their culture openly and with great pride.

In the heart of the Belgrano neighborhood, it managed to become a space of tourist interest, since it offers a wide variety of typical Asian restaurants and shops of that style, where you can buy all kinds of products from this rich culture.

Chinese Neighborhood Buenos AiresIts architecture is identical to the buildings and walls that exist in China. In its access, you will find an immense arch, built in China, which was brought to Argentina disassembled to build it as the main entrance. It is a beautiful invitation to delve into this world of delight for both your palate and your eyes! Walking its streets is an adventure in itself. From various objects, ornaments and even typical clothing of the culture, added to exquisite dishes of Chinese cuisine, are enough reasons for you to visit it.

It is located next to the Belgrano Train Station, so you can get there by train. In addition, you can get close on the D Line Subway or on various bus lines.

Open every day, with shops with a variety of products, anime, supermarkets and decorative objects. The days with the greatest flow of people are the weekends.



Chinese Neighborhood Buenos AiresAt the end of the month of January, this community celebrates the Chinese New Year, for which the Dragon Dance is held which runs through all the streets of this area. In addition, you will be able to see the Chong Kuan Buddhist Temple, which was the first to be built in Buenos Aires.

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