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Entry Requirements to Uruguay

Entry Requirements to Uruguay

Entry Requirements to Uruguay, everything you need to present when entering Uruguay in the face of the updated COVID-19 global pandemic situation.

Uruguay opens the borders to world tourism from November 1 of 2021. The main requirements are a complete vaccination card, a PCR test with a negative result of a maximum of 72 hours prior to entry, as well as a complete online affidavit. After 7 days of admission, they will request a new PCR test with a negative result as well.

Clearly, the main beneficiary with this opening is the tourism sector, which, at the same time, was the most affected in these 18 months of border closure. Several airlines have already announced their return, with an increase in frequencies to and from Uruguay. Although the return is thought gradually, they hope to achieve a level of frequency as in the pre-pandemic in the short term.

Entry Requirements to UruguayFor this reason, if you have the single dose or two doses of the vaccines against COVID-19 that are enabled in Uruguay, within the framework of the 9 months prior to shipment, including the waiting periods for effective immunity, you will be able to enter the country and travel without inconvenience.

Those who had the disease in the last 3 months, prior to the trip, may enter the country by presenting a certificate with a “positive antigen detection test result, or PCR-RT molecular biology test”, stating that they had suffered the disease in the given period. The analysis must be done up to 20 days before traveling.

Foreigners under 18 years of age who do not have the vaccine may also enter the country, accompanied by an adult who has a full vaccination. In turn, Uruguay will offer the possibility of inoculation, if they wish.

Also, it has been decreed that preventive isolation is no longer necessary when entering Uruguay, if the complete card was previously certified with any of the approved vaccines.

Regarding the entry requirements for non-resident foreigners of the country, it establishes:

  • Allow temperature control at the point of entry.
  • Use a face mask in contact situations less than 2 meters away with other people.
  • Accredit a negative PCR test (or another analysis technique that is approved by the Ministry of Health of Uruguay) with a maximum of 72 hours prior to the start of the trip. 7 days after entering Uruguay, the test must be repeated with another negative result.
  • Children under 6 years of age are excepted.
  • Have medical coverage in Uruguay.
  • Respect and abide by the contagion prevention measures, determined by the health authority.
  • Mandatory online affidavit (which you can access from here), completed within 48 hours prior to boarding.

In turn, Uruguay will be offering third-dose applications for all those foreigners who wish to do so.

Here we leave you our note to know everything you can do in Montevideo.

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