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How to circulate Buenos Aires

How to circulate Buenos Aires

How to circulate Buenos Aires, a list with the best options to move around the city.

Besides being the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires is known for being a huge city, which is why it is overflowing with activities to do and places to visit.

We want to tell you about all the options that Buenos Aires has so that you can move around the city without problems or delays, in addition to knowing all the available means to transport you wherever you want. We are going to investigate the details to know How to circulate Buenos Aires:


To travel by means of public transport, a SUBE Card is used, which you can buy without problems.

It is a card to which you add balance, charging the amount you want. As you use it, the screens of the means of transport where you support it, will tell you the balance that you have pending. Don’t worry, it also has a negative balance, in which the increase varies according to the amounts of the tickets. Although we do not want you to trust that negative balance, it is important that you know it so as not to despair if you do not have more money in the Sube.

That same negative balance is offset in the next money load you make.



You will be able to get it in almost all the places that you frequent: Kiosks, Subway Stations, Post Offices, Lotteries and Markets.

How to circulate Buenos AiresIf you see this sign on the door, it is because you can get it or charge a balance.

For more security, we recommend that you view the different sales sites on the SUBE Card official website here. You must enter “Get it” and there, where it says “Province” select the option of CABA (Federal Capital), do not choose Buenos Aires! In “Town / Neighborhood”, you must select where you are located, for example: Palermo, Recoleta, etc. And finally, on the map you select the point of sale closest to your location.

To load it, they are the same places on the poster that we mentioned above. Most of them are points such as Quiniela, Kioscos and similars. There is also the Sube App that you can download to your cell phone if it has NFC, it is the only way to load the card on your own.


SUBE card, is it just personal?

It’s not actually personal, so it can be used by more than one person. In other words, you can pay for more than one trip with the same card. And, to take into account, when you leave the city, you can give your card to a tourist, friend or relative, who can continue to use it

Do not forget to always have the card loaded with enough balance to make your trips! What yes, once you load the card, they will not return that money, but you must use it to move around the city in public transport.

EXTRA TIP: If you lose the card and need to make a trip, you can ask a passenger to pay for your ticket in exchange for receiving the cash. However, the best thing would be to get a new card again.



Without a doubt, it is the best way to move around the city: fast and easy. You will notice that Buenos Aires has a lot of traffic, so going through the underground streets will improve your timing!

It has several lines, which reach all the tourist spots in the city, except La Boca.

Although the subway network is quite small in relation to the size of Buenos Aires, it will be simple to interpret, since it has 6 lines that are identified with colors and letters:

Lines A (Light Blue), B (Red), D (Green) and E (Violet), you will see them as if they were tree branches, which, from the center of the city, spread out towards the neighborhoods from east to west.

Lines C (Blue) and H (Yellow) are the ones that cross the other lines from north to south. This is equivalent to the possibility of making connections with the rest of the lines of the Subway network.

Here we leave you the map so you can see it better:

How to circulate Buenos AiresIMPORTANT: The stations have their own name, even being stations to combine with another line and sharing location. For this reason, we recommend that you pay special attention when combining subways, since the same platform may have different names depending on the line to which it belongs. For example: Combine line A with line H, being on line H, you will have to get off at Station “Once”. But, if you come on line A, you will have to get off at “Plaza Miserere”. On the map, you will notice that they have the same location, but with a different name depending on the line you are traveling on.

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, frequencies and schedules may be modified, at the same time as their mode of use. For this reason, here we leave you the website of the Buenos Aires Subway Network.

EXTRA TIP: Avoid the subway from Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. if you are going to the center, and from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. if it is returning from the center, since they are usually the busiest times of people coming and going from their jobs .



How to circulate Buenos AiresAlthough they are comfortable and bigs, unfortunately it is a more complicated means of transport, which involves finding the correct stop to take it, in addition to knowing specifically which street to get off on.

In tourist mode, you may not need to use the Buses having the subway that is easier and faster, but, we want to leave you some recommendations that may be useful:

First, you must verify the bus line that brings you closer to your destination. Here we leave you an application that helps you check the information and plan your trip

You must select the means of transport, in this case press the bus icon. Complete the “A” with the place where you must leave and the “B” with the address of the place you want to go. Always check that everything is well written, since the map includes all the areas of the city and sometimes there are similar names. For greater peace of mind, you can verify this information with Google Maps, which has the same functions.

In “Show Options” you will be able to see all the means of transport that take you to your destination. If the subway is the best option, the necessary steps have come to an end, if not, you must check which bus is closest and fastest. To visualize the route of the bus on the map, you must click on the point next to it.

When you know and diagram your route, you should approach the stop and wait for the line you will use to arrive. The buses have the number and the stops as well.

To make the bus stop, you must raise your hand as an indication to the driver that it is the line you want to take. If you see that there are more people at the stop, the order of arrival is respected and a line is set up to get on. The ascent is only through the front door, with the middle and rear doors used to descend.

While in the bus, you have to inform the driver where you are going, so that he can charge the ticket that you will pay with the SUBE card. Once you see the amount on the screen, you put the card on the reader and a light comes on when the payment is credited. Now, find a seat and enjoy your ride, but don’t get distracted to get off where you need to. If you can, it is also valid to ask the driver or a local passenger if they help you by telling you where and when to get off.



TaxisThey abound in the city and are safe transport, so you can use it without hesitation. Just keep the following in mind:

-Sometimes drivers prefer to have a fixed price for trips. Here, it is operated with a clock that will let you see the price throughout the trip and you will see how it adds up as you circulate. At the end of the trip, the taxi driver will charge you the total for the trip. You don’t need to add a tip!

-Also, it often happens that you meet certain drivers who are going to walk you around the city, this means going on an unnecessary route that will only make your trip more expensive. Although it is an almost inevitable situation, because you do not know the city, nor do you know the streets to tell it where you want to go, you can avoid this discomfort using Google Maps, after searching for your route. Likewise, taxis in Buenos Aires are cheaper compared to other countries.

Check well when you pay, so that the driver cannot make you doubt if you gave him the right amount of the trip. Also, check the change before getting off.



UberCurrently, it is a legal service in Argentina (previously it operated illegally and it was not recommended to use it). As anywhere in the world, from the Uber App, you will be able to see the drivers near your area and define the trip to be made, viewing the final amount.

It is safe, fast and, many times, cheaper than Taxis.




TrainAlthough it is a fast means of transport, in many cases it happens that it is highly trafficked, so you can suffer from congestion of people!

Likewise, we recommend that you use this means of transport to go to Tigre, which is an ideal activity to spend a day away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


We hope that all this information helps you and you can enjoy getting to know this beautiful and immense city!

To get to know it in depth and know its history, we recommend you join our Free Tours here!

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