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How to get to Tigre

How to get to Tigre

How to get to Tigre, a guide with all the information so that you can leave the Center of Buenos Aires and enjoy a whole day away from the hustle and bustle of the city surrounded by nature and fresh air.

Tigre is part of the Province of Buenos Aires, it is a Municipality that is located about 30kms from the city center. With the passage of time, it managed to become an extremely interesting place for tourists, so thousands of them come here to enjoy the River and its attractions.

Here we want to tell you the best ways to get to Tigre, in addition to telling you about some of the activities that you will be able to do once you arrive.

Let’s know how to get to Tigre from the center of Buenos Aires:

On another note, we discuss the requirements and steps necessary to be able to use public transport in the city, so we already know that you will need to have a SUBE Card. Find out everything by following this link!



It is the cheapest and fastest way to get to Tigre. You must get on the line that says MITRE RAMAL TIGRE, whose exit is at the Retiro Train Station. From here, trains arrive and depart to and from Tigre, every day and with approximately 15 minutes between each one. The schedule is from 5am to 11pm.

Given the global situation of COVID-19, the permits to circulate and the circulation schedules, can be modified, as well as the departure frequencies. For this reason, here we leave you the Mitre Train website to always have current information. Likewise, the schedules are predetermined, so you can see them on the same website.

The duration of the trip is approximately 54 minutes, and you will have to descend where your route ends, the last station. Remember to get on only the one on the TIGRE Branch Line.


How to get to Tigre



How to get to TigreMany tourists prefer to get on the Coast Train, to get a more picturesque tour through the most beautiful neighborhoods of the North Zone and travel in more style.

You can purchase the daily ticket that will allow you to visit the different stations. The cost is double the value of the Mitre Train, but some tourists prefer this train, taking it as the activity of the day, with the end in Tigre.

To start the journey with this train, you will also have to first get on the MITRE TRAIN, but from the RAMAL MITRE (its last station is Miter, instead of Tigre) and, also, it leaves from Retiro. In this link, you can see the schedules of this train. At that station, you will find a pedestrian path that connects the Mitre Station with the first Train Station on the Coast, with the end of the journey in Tigre.

We leave you here the Coast Train site so you can see the updated costs and schedules.



How to get to TigreAnother way for you to get to Tigre is by taking a Bus. It will be more expensive, perhaps not as much as the Coast Train, but you will be subject to city traffic to know how long it will take to arrive. In this way, it may be a trip too long, since, depending on the area where your journey begins, it may take 1: 30hs or more.

In case this is not an inconvenience, the bus line that you should use is Line 60. The route of this bus is wide, given that it passes through different strategic points in Buenos Aires, starting its journey in Constitución, crossing several neighborhoods and ending in Tigre.



How to get to TigreMany cyclists love the journey from Buenos Aires to Tigre because it borders the River, it is possible to get on the train when you need it and it is one of the most beautiful rides to do by bicycle. An excellent option is to go by bicycle to Tigre, but return by train. In this way, you make sure to enjoy the round trip recreating your view with the roads and their landscapes.

Luckily, the city of Buenos Aires has a bicycle rental system per day, so if you don’t have one of your own, it won’t be a problem.

You will have to use the Bicisenda that is in Avenida Del Libertador, to take the Paseo Vicente López. Then, you will take Elcano street to return to Libertador Avenue and arrive through Italia street towards Tigre.

Likewise, you can use map applications such as Google Maps, so as not to get lost on the way!



By carObviously, it is also a means of transportation to get to Tigre. You will be able to choose two options to go there. The first is to go by Panamericana towards the Ramal Tigre, from there until the end. The second is to continue straight on Del Libertador Avenue and enter Tigre through Italia Street.

The area has a large number of parking lots where you can leave your car. If you decide to visit Tigre on a weekend or on holidays, you will probably find a lot of space occupied and it will be difficult for you to leave your car parked on the street.

The ideal is to leave the car a little further away and walk to the final destination. An extra recommendation is that you avoid reaching the Roundabout of the Stations, or you will suffer the consequences of traffic!



Once you have arrived, you can enjoy the Paraná Delta, with many activities such as going on a catamaran, renting kayak or canoes.

Tigre's DeltaIn Tigre cabins are rented by the day, in case you want to stay longer and enjoy it more thoroughly!

Also, you will find the Puerto de Frutos (Fruit Port), where thousands of people and tourists come here to obtain handicrafts, wicker productions and the best wooden furniture you have ever seen!

If your interest is more cultural, you will be able to enjoy culture, history and art at the renowned Tigre Art Museum, as well as learn more about the most popular drink in Argentina at the Mate Museum, among others.

Without a doubt, it is worth dedicating a day of your stay in Buenos Aires to get closer to enjoying everything that Tigre has to offer!



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