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How to get to Uruguay from Argentina

How to get to Uruguay from Argentina

How to get to Uruguay from Argentina, the best options to visit one of the most beautiful neighboring countries.

We want to tell you everything you need to know to get an excellent trip and with the best means to get to Uruguay.

Separated by the Uruguay River, whose mouth is the Río de la Plata, are Argentina and Uruguay. By the union of the Uruguay River with the Paraná River, at the height of Buenos Aires and Colonia, the Delta of the Río de la Plata is formed, whose 219km describe it as the widest in the world.

Frequently, countless tourists visit the city of Buenos Aires, but they also want to get to know Montevideo and / or Colonia, given the proximity of these cities to Argentina.

Clearly, the best and fastest way to reach the neighboring country is through the river. Therefore, we need to take a boat.

There are several companies that provide the boat service to and from Uruguay, and some of them have packages for a whole day in the neighboring country, including the return to Buenos Aires.

Here we are going to tell you the whole itinerary of how to get from Buenos Aires to Uruguay:

Boat Companies to / from Uruguay

How to get to Uruguay from ArgentinaThe best known company of all is Buquebus. The same part from Puerto Madero, in Buenos Aires, very close to Plaza San Martín.

On their site you can see all the tickets they offer online, being a fast service, where after a simple registration, you can buy the tickets directly.

It has packages per day to go to Montevideo and Colonia, with ticket included, lunch and excursions.

To pay in cash, you must go to the Port of Buquebus or its offices located in different parts of the city. Here we leave your website, to access all the necessary information.

They have the option of direct boats to Montevideo and Colonia, or a boat to Colonia and then a bus to Montevideo. If the idea is to go only for the day, the last option would not be recommended, since the trip lasts 3 hours in this way.

Another alternative to this company is Seacat, which is the sub-company of Buquebus, so many things are similar, but the prices are a little lower. The boats can even be the same.

To obtain the tickets you can have them from their website or at the Port of Buquebus.

The only limited thing about this company is that it does not have a direct service to Montevideo, but the service is to go by boat to Colonia and take the bus to Montevideo. What is good about it is that you would go to Colonia for half the price of Buquebus, but not as much as to go to Montevideo.

Tour and ticket packages are for Cologne only. Here is their website!

And the last option is Colonia Express, which is the cheapest company of the three, but, like Seacat, it does not have a direct service to Montevideo. Here you will also have to take a bus from Cologne. Its service starts from La Boca, unlike the other two that depart from Puerto Madero.

It has packages, and they can also be paid from its website or in the offices they have in the city. Here is the link for you to access the information!


Travel time

How to get to Uruguay from ArgentinaIn total, the trip from Buenos Aires to Colonia lasts 1 hour, with any company you choose.

In the case of Buquebus, with the Buenos Aires-Montevideo service, the duration is 2:15 hours. If you choose the option of the boat to Colonia and then the bus to Montevideo, it will take about 4 hours, since you will have to count the trip, and the step you are going to take through Customs. Given the situation of global protocols for COVID-19, it may take longer.

The three companies have services every day and several frequencies per day. We recommend that you check the websites of each one well to access the different options, schedules and services according to what you are looking for.



When moving from one country to another, the required documentation is modified. Therefore, and subject to the nationality you have, you will have to present different documents and, depending on the case, pay a visa to enter Uruguay. In this link, we leave you the list of countries that are exempt from presenting a visa in this country.

On the other hand, here we leave you a note about the requirements to enter Uruguay, given the global situation of COVID-19.


Important information

How to get to Uruguay from ArgentinaSince check-in is required to board the ship (it does not discriminate company), you must show up at least 1 hour prior to your travel time, at the terminal.

Up to 2 pieces of 30kgs in total are allowed to be able to dispatch luggage, but we recommend you verify the information with each company given the last minute changes due to the current protocols.



If you finally decide to visit Montevideo, here we leave you our free tours so you can enjoy and get to know the most beautiful city in Uruguay!

And here we leave you a note with everything you can do in Montevideo!

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