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July 18 Avenue Montevideo

July 18 Avenue Montevideo

July 18 Avenue Montevideo, the story behind the main street of the City of Montevideo.

Like any big city, Montevideo has a great history since its construction, and one of the most important streets here is Avenida 18 de Julio.

In it you will find the most important and historical buildings of Montevideo, along with a huge number of galleries, exhibitions, markets, squares, banks, restaurants and shops of all kinds.

July 18 Avenue MontevideoIn total, it is 3 kilometers long and begins in the Plaza Independencia, one of the main and best known of the city, which is located on the border with the Old City, reaching its end in the Barrio de Tres Cruces, in Boulevard Artigas where you will find the Obelisk to the Constituents.

You may wonder why it is called July 18, and the answer is very simple, on July 18, 1830, the Oath of the Constitution was held in the country.

Considered the axis of the New City, representative of the progressive and liberal ideology of the Independent State, its design is in a straight line, covering a large part of the city of Montevideo and functioning as a vertebra towards various public spaces and the most popular ones.

It is considered as the axis through which the expansion of the city took place when its protective walls were demolished in 1829, transforming it into the space that treasures countless stories.

July 18 Avenue MontevideoAmong the most emblematic buildings and the tallest in South America, is the Salvo Palace and the Municipality of Montevideo, both located on the Avenue. The first was inaugurated in 1928 and is a historic stamp of the city.

In 2017, the last reform project of the Avenue was presented, but it was never implemented, so it maintains its original design.

Get ready to walk down the most important street in the city and enjoy parks, bars and thousands of other attractions!

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