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Legislative Palace of Uruguay

Legislative Palace of Uruguay

Legislative Palace of Uruguay, all the information about this imposing building extremely important for the history of Uruguay.

It is a palace where the General Assembly operates, and is the seat of the country’s Legislative Power. Here the Chamber of Senators is integrated, together with the Chamber of Representatives.

Its construction took place between 1908 and 1925, and it was inaugurated on August 25 of that year, commemorating the Centenary of the Declaration of Independence.

Legislative Palace of UruguayIts history began in 1902, with the law approving an international competition for architectural projects to build a new seat of the Legislative Power, given that the old site, the Cabildo de Montevideo, had endless insufficiencies. By 1904, 72 works were presented, the winner was Víctor Meano, who at the same time was in charge of the construction of the Congress of the Argentine Nation in the city of Buenos Aires. Despite having been chosen, Víctor never found out about his prize, since he died suddenly before being contacted by the Commission that organized the contest.

For the year 1908 the construction work began, which was not altered until, in 1913, the architect Gaetano Moretti was hired, who finished the building with new ideas.

The materials used for its construction are of national origin, for which the Lavalleja and Maldonado quarries were opened to extract different types of marble, as well as granite quarries to materialize the project.

Legislative Palace of UruguayOf Greco-Roman style, its interior walls, vaults, columns and facades are covered with different national marbles, for which its construction took a long time.

It has three large naves, several rooms as an annex, some parliamentary offices, an upper floor where the Library of the Legislative Power is located, warehouses, a large basement with offices and workshops of printing and binding.

All its structure and majesty made it a national emblem, faithful representative of the democratic feeling that characterizes it.

For all this, we believe that it is a must if you pass through Montevideo, to marvel not only with its architecture, but also with the history that emanates from this place!

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