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Lighthouse Punta Brava Montevideo

Lighthouse Punta Brava Montevideo

Lighthouse Punta Brava Montevideo, the story behind this immense tower in the middle of the city.

Montevideo has many attractions that will captivate your eyes and, without a doubt, this lighthouse is one of them. Since ancient times, its importance is fundamental for the navigation of fishing boats or boats that enter through the River.

Lighthouse Punta Brava MontevideoOn October 1, 1876, the construction of this carved stone tower was carried out, with plaster inside and raised on a solid base. It has a level with 3 rooms that are intended for the lighthouse keepers.

With a focal height of 21 meters, the range of its light is 18.5 nautical miles. In 1911, its lighting system was changed to a lenticular device, by means of which, since 1948, its luminosity alternates a red and white flash every 10 seconds. This characteristic is what differentiates it from the rest of the lighthouses on the coast of Uruguay.

Lighthouse Punta Brava MontevideoA few meters from the Rambla, in the area known as Punta Brava, in front of the Golf Club, you will find this enormous Lighthouse. Its name is related to the place where it is located, although in many places you will hear it named as the Punta Carretas Lighthouse and it is a National Monument.

You can climb to the top and see an incredible view of the entire Uruguayan coast. Obviously, from here you will get the best photos of the place and enjoy unforgettable sunsets!

Near here, you will find some fishermen’s houses that work in the sea and sell their fresh products there. In addition, you will find many restaurants, bars and fishing clubs with a wide gastronomic offer to delight your palate.

The road to here will also be wonderful, since it is a sandy road with a river on both sides!

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