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Main Square of Montevideo

Main Square of Montevideo

Main Square of Montevideo, all the history about one of the main historical and architectural icons of the Uruguayan city.

Representative of the Historic Center of the Old Montevideo City, both for activities related to culture, shopping, recreation and the outdoors.

Main Square of MontevideoIt is the only open space that was designed to be a place for recreation, meetings, gathering and that served as the Major Square of the capital for decades. Also, it is known as Constitution Plaza, since in 1830 the First Constitution of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay was decreed here, which had just been formed.

Due to its constructions (the Main Church and the Old Town Hall), it became the stage for celebrations (military and civil) as well as bullfights and officiating like a market.

Currently, it is the point of greatest movement and tourist visits in the entire city of Montevideo, maintaining its style and character as Main Colonial Square, although it is no longer. It is located in the center, next to the famous Pedestrian Sarandí, between Rincón, Juan Carlos Gómez and Ituzaingó streets.

Main Square of MontevideoThe name of Main Square, is due to the Main Church that is located on one of its sides. Due to its history, it witnessed important political and social historical events, which marked a break in the country’s history. In turn, it served as a meeting center for festivities, celebrations of all kinds and festivals.

Visiting this Plaza is a must on your list of places to visit in Montevideo. If you come on weekends, you can enjoy the antique markets and fairs, in addition to visiting historical monuments of great importance to the city.

Main Square of MontevideoThe main attraction of the Plaza is its fountain, inaugurated in 1871. Its beauty is indescribable, with a colonial design that will dazzle you. Known as the “Fountain of the Little Angels”, it was built in marble, with a circular pond of immense size, where an ornate column rises with decreasing plates in its center. All this is alternated with some symbolic images such as the National Shield of Uruguay, the Mason Shield and the symbol of medicine. Everything around the fountain is adorned with 7 little angels, hence its name.

On the other hand, the Main Church is worth a visit, since it contains much more history and architecture worth seeing. Inside this church, several parish priests, former presidents and soldiers rest.

In addition to getting a cultural, historical and architectural tour, visiting the Main Square, you can delight your palate with the enormous offer of restaurants and cafes that surround it. Many of these places date back to 1900, so they have a long history in the city, recognized as the emblematic restaurants of the Old Montevidean City.

Getting here will be very simple and fast, since it is literally located in the tourist center. All streets can take you here.

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