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Market Port of Montevideo

Market Port of Montevideo

Market Port of Montevideo, all the history and details of this great gastronomic center in the heart of the city.

Founded 130 years ago, it is a cultural icon found in the middle of Old City. Full of tradition, with a mixture of gastronomy and the participation of artisans, visual artists and various musicians.

Market Port of MontevideoIt is a gastronomy walk, ideal to eat a good Uruguayan barbecue and try the most traditional dishes and drinks of Uruguay.

The story begins in 1865, when a company was formed to build a market in the city. Thanks to this, they bought the land on the north coast of the bay and built the metal structure that still stands today. It took three years to build it, with a style of construction that, for the time, was only known in Europe. It has an interior metallic infrastructure similar to the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

On October 10 of 1868, its inauguration took place as a market supplier of vegetables, meats and fruits for the ships that arrived in the bay of Montevideo and the families of power that had their mansions around this site.

Through here, great personalities circulated such as Enrico Caruso and Carlos Gardel, Pedro Figari inspired by this site for several of his paintings, among others.

Market Port of MontevideoCurrently, its function is not market, but it is a gastronomic center where a variety of restaurants and cafes settled, with many Montevidean specialties and traditions. In this way, it has managed to become a must-see if you pass through the city of Montevideo.

Inside, a variety of colors and smells are mixed, while the artisans, painters and musicians interact with the visitors who arrive at the place, whether to eat, look or buy.

Undoubtedly, it is an excellent space to immerse yourself more in the tradition of the city of Montevideo, try the delights of its gastronomy and take a walk through one of the most well-known and tourist places.

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