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Metropolitan Cathedral of Montevideo

Metropolitan Cathedral of Montevideo

Metropolitan Cathedral of Montevideo, all the details about one of the most emblematic buildings in the city.

Although its original name is Immaculate Conception and San Felipe and Santiago, it is popularly known as the Main Church for being the first in the city.

Metropolitan Cathedral of MontevideoLocated between Sarandí and Ituzaingó streets, it is in front of the Main Square, another space that you cannot miss!

Dedicated to the Immaculate Conception and to the patron saints of Montevideo San Felipe and Santioago (hence its name). Its original version was built in brick and was inaugurated in 1740. By 1785, it suffered a partial collapse that forced the planning of a new church. By 1804 the new building was complete.

Metropolitan Cathedral of MontevideoThroughout its history, it has been the victim of various repairs and modifications. In 1878 it was declared a Cathedral and in 1897, it was elevated to the category of Metropolitan Basilica by the hand of Pope Leo XIII. In this way, it became the main church in Uruguay.

In Spanish neoclassical style, it has 3 naves with a dome, a porticoed side area that allows access to the circular chapel.

Inside, rest the remains of some important personalities such as Venancio Flores, Joaquín Suárez, Francisco Bauzá, among others. In turn, those combatants who fought in the English invasions rest.

Metropolitan Cathedral of MontevideoIn 1975, this place was declared a National Historic Monument and is the main Catholic temple in the city of Montevideo. It is located in the Old City, where you will be able to enjoy many other activities that we tell you about here!

It offers, in addition to regular religious services, guided tours every day and free of charge. Open Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. For visits, they recommend contacting previously, so we leave you their website here.


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