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Moving from Buenos Aires Airports

Moving from Buenos Aires Airports

Moving from Buenos Aires Airports, is a guide to all the options to move to and from the Airports, to avoid mishaps!

The city of Buenos Aires has two airports that are located in different areas. One is the Jorge Newbery Airport, commonly called Aeroparque, which is located in the center of the city and is used for regional (some bordering countries) or domestic (across the country) flights; and the Ezeiza Airport (O Ministro Pistarini) which is used for international flights and is located 30kms from the center of Buenos Aires, which entails an extra complication for access.

Some time ago, a third airport had been opened 18 km from the city, in Palomar, but, given the situation of the global COVID-19 pandemic, it is out of use until further notice.

In this note, we want to tell you about all the ways to get from these Airports to the city center.

Get ready to take note and learn how to moving from Buenos Aires airports:

Arrive from Ezeiza

Moving from Buenos Aires AirportsAs we mentioned before, international flights arrive here and, despite not being in a very busy area of ​​the city, there are several ways to get around:

Line Bus

It is the cheapest option, but at the same time, the most insecure and uncomfortable. The duration of the trip is approximately 1:30 hours with several stops along the way.

Moving from Buenos Aires AirportsThe line you are going to use is Line 8 that says “Semi-rapid by Highway” (Semi-rápido por Autopista). You will find it circulating through Plaza de Mayo and Congreso, in the center of Buenos Aires. To use it, as it is public transport, you will need the use of the SUBE Card, which you can also purchase at the airport.

Here we tell you how to move around the city and all the requirements that you will need to know to avoid inconveniences!

From Ezeiza, the buses have a frequency of 30 minutes for each departure, starting at 6am.

Reverse route: From the Center of Buenos Aires to Ezeiza Airport.- With frequencies of 30 minutes per departure, you will have a bus from Plaza de Mayo and the National Congress, which takes approximately one hour (also, we recommend you leave with time due to the traffic factor). The stop for this line is at Chacabuco and Avenida de Mayo, right on the corner, and the bus you are going to take is the one that says “Aeropuerto por Autopista” or “Aeropuerto por Metrobus”.

Private Transport

Moving from Buenos Aires AirportsIn the city, there is a famous private transport company called Tienda de León. For many years, they have provided private transportation service to and from the Buenos Aires Airports. In Retiro you will find the central station of this company.

It is a fleet of buses that you can combine with a door-to-door service, since the bus has stops at different points in the city, but combined with a private car, they leave you at the door of wherever you want to go.

You can pay for the service at the station by card or cash.

Its operation is 24 hours, with a frequency of 30 minutes between each departure.

Taxi or Remis

Moving from Buenos Aires AirportsOne of the most comfortable options is to get a private car to be able to move how and when you want. Although it is a more expensive service, it worth it in comfort and time management. At the same time, if you travel with more than one person, you can split the cost of the trip and be cheaper and faster.

In the airports of the city, since 2019, machines have been installed so that, detailing the destination you are going to, you can obtain a ticket with the value that the taxi driver must charge you. As the costs vary according to the situation in the country, we cannot give them an approximate value per trip. In turn, the costs are governed by the distances where you must go.


It is the option that gives you the most freedom, because you manage it directly from your phone. A while ago, Uber is a legally approved application in Argentina. Comfortable, fast and easily accessible. You just need to have a phone with internet and money to pay for it.

In many cases, it is usually cheaper than the Taxi and the Remis.


Arrive from Aeroparque

AeroparqueIn this case, being located in the center of the city, its access is much simpler, cheaper and faster, both to get here and to move to the different neighborhoods of Buenos Aires.

Line Bus

There are 3 bus lines that bring you closer to the most popular and tourist neighborhoods: Line 37, runs through Recoleta, Palermo, Retiro and downtown Buenos Aires; Line 160, crosses practically the entire city passing through Almagro and Palermo; and Line 45, towards San Telmo, Retiro and Centro.

As we mentioned before, moving in public buses is the cheapest option, but not always the safest.

Bus LeónPrivate Transport

At this airport, you will also find the option of traveling with the Tienda de León service. It offers services to the Retiro area, including the option of adding private trips to private homes by car.



Taxi or Remis

Taxi AeroparqueHere you will notice a big change in the value of the trip, since Aeroparque is much closer than Ezeiza, so your trip will be even faster and cheaper. What usually happens is that the price difference between a private bus and a taxi or remis in this case, is not so high.

In Aeroparque, you will also find the machines to choose your destination and withdraw the ticket with the fixed value of your trip.


It is still one of the most chosen means of transport and the value of the trip will be even lower given its proximity to the busy neighborhoods of the city.



As additional information, we share this link to view the status of the flights at the country’s airports and thus be able to coordinate arrival or departure transportation to Argentina. We always recommend that you keep in mind that flights may be subject to changes and in the event that you have to arrive at the airport at a specific time, leave on time and take into account the traffic in the city.

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