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Museums in Cusco

Museums in Cusco

We bring you our selection and recommendations for museums in Cusco. There are many reasons why Cusco is practically an obligated part of your trip in Perú. But besides the archaeological remains you get to see in some amazing day trips, the delicious dishes to try, and all the activities in the city, there’s a wide variety of museums to get to know as well.

cusco museumsPre-Columbian Art Museum

The museum is located in a property named Cabrera House. It is believed that during Inca times, this used to be a school. The original building is calculated to be over 500 years old! Partnered with Larco Museum in Lima, it’s organized according to the origin of the portrayed communities and the material used.
More details on their website here

cusco museumsRegional Museum

Located in a house from the late 16th century (restored several times due to numerous earthquakes), it displays a beautiful collection, from pre-historic Perú to its colonial times. You’ll find pottery, sculptures, metalwork, paintings, among other great treasures from the past.

Official website here

religious art museumReligious Art Museum

Home of the famous “12 Angled Stone” of Cusco (it’s in one of the external walls), this museum displays a great collection of religious paintings.  It’s located in the archbishop’s palace, which contains remains of Inca architecture.  Today this is a great example of a colonial house, be sure to pay attention to the amazing work done in carved wood.

casa conchaMachu Picchu Museum – Casa Concha

As many museums listed here, is located in a colonial house. Fully dedicated to Machu Picchu, you’ll see everything related to this amazing place since its “discovery” by the modern world. The scale model displayed is really impressive, complemented with photos, recovered objects, and remains found in different archaeological expeditions.

More info on the official website here

inca museumInca Museum

If you’re interested in learning about the cultural legacy from the Inca Empire, this is the place to be. Previously known as the Archaeological Museum, the objects are displayed in what used to be called the Admiral’s House, a great example of architecture from the colonial times. You’ll see jewellery, fabrics, paintings, funerary objects and remains.



cusco museumsCoca Museum

Get a closer look to the use of the coca plant in the Inca empire, applied to traditional medicine. The sacred coca leaves are still in use today and they are very meaningful to the Inca culture. If you suffer from altitude sickness, this is also one of the remedies! They also have interesting products based on it, like chocolate, liquor, tea and beer. And speaking of chocolate…

museums in cuscoChocolate Museum

Take a look at the process of preparing delicious treats, or choose a workshop and make your own! Be careful with the shop, you are going to wish you had enough space to take everything with you. The entrance to the museum is free (the workshops aren’t).

Official museum website here

It’s a great activity to do with kids. Don’t worry if you’re afraid your sweet tooth will be out of control, you can always walk that guilt away!

There are many more activities you can do during your visit to Cusco.

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Map of Cusco Museums

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