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Old City of Montevideo

Old City of Montevideo

Old City of Montevideo, the living history of the city, its origins and a walk through the past of the current political and economic center of Uruguay.

Origin of the Spanish military fortification, it is the Historic Center of Montevideo.

Currently, it is also a well-known neighborhood that houses numerous ministries, offices, banks, museums, companies, art galleries, cultural centers, restaurants, bars and discos.

Old City of MontevideoUntil 1829, the city was protected and surrounded by a wall against the possibility of foreign invasions. Said structure currently no longer exists, but the well-known Gate of the Citadel, emblem of Old Montevideo, is preserved. You will be able to observe it between Peatonal Sarandí and Independence Square, where the Historic Walk of the City begins and is marked.

Touring the Old City will allow you to get to know those buildings of great architectural and heritage value, as well as to reach beautiful cafes, restaurants, museums, bookstores, a great shopping promenade and giant squares.

Old City of MontevideoBrecha and Ciudadela streets are those that keep alive the presence of the Wall that previously inhabited the city. In the case of Sarandí Street, one of the most important pedestrianized streets, it was transformed in 1992, turning it into a center of commerce and recreational promenades. In 2005 it was decided to extend it even further.

Among its attractions, you will be able to see the most important museums in the city of Montevideo, such as Torres García, Pre-Columbian and Indigenous Art, Decorative Arts, Carnival and Figari, among many others.

At one end is the Teatro Solís and at the other the Escollera Sarandí, as the beginning of the Bay of Montevideo.

In its northern part, you will see the Port of Montevideo along with the huge Port Market where you can buy a variety of products. In its southern area, there is the beginning of the city’s Rambla, divided into the Roosvelt and France sectors.

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