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Rose Garden Buenos Aires

Rose Garden Buenos Aires

Rose Garden Buenos Aires, a space full of paths to get lost among the roses and forests of Palermo.

It is one of the huge parks found in the busiest and most popular neighborhood of Buenos Aires, with around 18,000 rose bushes, several works of art around it and many details that will captivate your eyes.

Rose Garden Buenos AiresGoing back to the history of this space, the baths of Palermo were located here, which belonged to the governor of Buenos Aires at that time, Juan Manuel de Rosas, in the 19th century. After its defeat in the battle against the rest of the country’s provinces, this territory was confiscated by the new government, which made the decision to design the current Rose Garden.

It was inaugurated in 1914. It has a beautiful Andalusian Patio that was a gift from the City of Seville in 1929. It is a pergola, a gazebo covered with roses and vines, culminating in a sculpture by Emile Peynot.

Rose Garden Buenos AiresIt has 93 different species of roses in its almost 4 hectares of surface. The best time of the year to visit it is in Spring, since it is the season in which everything blooms and the variety of colors adorn the place.

Among the rose bushes, you will be able to notice some busts of famous poets, to whom homage is paid in the Garden of Poets. Here, you will find Jorge Luis Borges, Antonio Machado, Dante Alighieri, Alfonsina Storni and Federico García Lorca, among many others.

To cross the Lake that is in the Rosedal, the White Bridge was built, known as the Greek or Hellenic Bridge, given its architectural features.

Rose Garden Buenos AiresYou will notice that many people are attracted by its charm and romanticism. Also, it is an excellent setting for filming videos or taking pictures, so don’t be surprised if you see many people doing these activities!

Access to the Rose Garden is free of charge. It opens from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., from Tuesday to Sunday, with entry allowed until 5 p.m. On Mondays, it remains closed. If there are some inclement weather (such as strong winds, rain or persistent drizzle), the space remains closed for security reasons.

Without hesitation, this site is an excellent plan for a great day of picnic, walks and enjoyment of the nature that surrounds it.

Here, we tell you everything you can do in the Palermo neighborhood, so you can organize a great day out!

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