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Sarandi Pedestrian in Montevideo

Sarandi Pedestrian in Montevideo

Sarandi Pedestrian in Montevideo, one of the busiest streets in the city, with many attractions to offer.

It is a fairly recent work, since it was built in 1992 and allows access to the Old City, formerly the Walled City.

Sarandi Pedestrian in MontevideoLocated in the historic center of Montevideo, it is a qualified promenade with a variety of architecture, which functions as a link between the New City and the Old City, since it connects the Main Square (old Plaza Mayor) and Independence Square.

Its circuit begins at the Citadel Gate continues through Main Square and ends at the Pérez Castellano Pedestrian. The next section up to the Rambla becomes a street, not a pedestrian one. As an extension, you will find the Sarandí Breakwater, at the end of which is the Sarandí Breakwater Lighthouse.

Its structure combines cobblestones with granite strips, in addition to having benches, vegetation, lights and where Sarandí and Bacacay streets meet, you will see a beautiful fountain.

Along this pedestrian street, you will find important buildings such as the Cabildo, the Torres García Museum, the Matriz Church and the Main Square. At the same time, you will pass by many businesses, shops of all kinds and art galleries. Therefore, it is also an important cultural and shopping trip!

Sarandi Pedestrian in MontevideoSince 2010, the Walk of the Suns (or Space of the Suns) was inaugurated where you can see tributes on the tiles for some illustrious visitors and referents of Uruguayan culture. It is a square with a Sun with 16 rays (similar to the flag of Uruguay), with a plaque containing the name of the celebrity, both made in bronze.

Undoubtedly, you will not be able to avoid going through here, since it is already a must-see if you visit Montevideo!

Here we tell you everything you can do in this beautiful Uruguayan city.

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