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Street Art in Montevideo

Street Art in Montevideo

Street Art in Montevideo, all the information for you to enjoy the street art of the city.

During the last period, an extremely interesting movement of Street Art was developed in Montevideo. Thanks to this movement, several facades were intervened with different techniques such as murals, stencils, screen printing, graffiti, mixed, among others.

Street Art in MontevideoThe premise of these works is not simply to beautify the place, but also to give new meaning to spaces, to communicate, to question current social aspects and to contribute to the collective memory. Street art is a global artistic movement, the consequence of a long process at a cultural, social and historical level.

It is a type of constructive, creative art whose objective is the viewer. In Uruguay, it was developed in the 20th century. Between 1950 and 1960, art in buildings was propagated, generating a very enriching artistic legacy.

Since 2013, there is a site that runs through the streets of Montevideo and works as an interactive map to see all the works that lie on the walls of the city. Here we leave you their instagram profile for more information.

For our part, we suggest several circuits for you to do through the different neighborhoods that give color and life to the city:

  • Old City
  • Center – Cordón
  • South Neighborhood – Palermo
  • Aguada
  • Batlle Park
  • Pocitos

Street Art in MontevideoYou can visit all these places on foot, in different means of transport, bicycle or car.

If you visit the city of Montevideo, we recommend that you open your eyes wide and let yourself be dazzled by the magic and colors that make it up!

We invite you to join our Free Tours around the city here, to learn even more about the beauties that are hidden here.

Here we tell you everything you can do in Montevideo!

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