General Conditions & Terms of Use

Acceptance of the General Conditions

By simply entering, viewing or using materials and services through Global Free Tours, the user accepts the General Conditions of Use, which describes the rights and obligations of Global Free Tours and users for booking tourism services .

It is not necessary to register to visit the site, however to book services you must register and accept the conditions.

Website Objectives

Global Free Tours has developed this Website to offer a Free Tours reservation service in different parts of the world.

All the activities offered are free for the user and are provided by third party collaborating companies (hereinafter Suppliers). Therefore, Global Free Tours is limited exclusively to offering the reservation system for activities executed by suppliers.

Once the user formalizes the reservation, he will establish contact with the Supplier. Global Free Tours is simply an intermediary and is not responsible for any damage or accident that occurs in the activity.

All information displayed on the website is provided by the suppliers.

Reservations at Global Free Tours

To make reservations through the website, the user must provide their personal data in order to formalize the reservation of the activity.

As established by the Privacy Policy, the user must provide true, accurate, complete and current information about their identity.

Specific Conditions on Reservations

As the activities are offered by suppliers, the user will find specific conditions of the provider according to the activity he performs.

General conditions

All activities offered by Global Free Tours are subject to these conditions:

1. All information related to the activity (date, timetables, content, places) have been provided by the suppliers.

2. Users may modify their reservations as long as the activity allows it. To make the modification, the user must enter with the link provided in the tour confirmation.

3. The meeting point, the schedule, the date, the duration and all the information related to the activity will be detailed on the website. Likewise, users will be sent an e-mail with all the information. It is the user’s responsibility to be punctual and present at the indicated meeting point. The duration of the activities is referential and may vary slightly. From the reservation the users will have direct contact with the supplier, taking care of all responsibility.

4. All activities offered on the website are free for the user. No one can conduct business with any activity.

5. CANCELLATION: there are no fees for cancellation as the activities are free.

6. OPINIONS: Users who have completed the activity may post opinions and ratings on the website. Global Free Tours will send an e-mail at the end of the activity so that they can enter through a link to the opinion sector. Global Free Tours reserves the right to dismiss opinions with discriminatory expressions, illegal activities, violence or degrading content.

Exclusion of Liability

Global Free Tours will not be responsible for errors or delays made by users. Nor will it be responsible for damages or thefts that affect users in the activity.

The activities are the responsibility of the suppliers, so Global Free Tours is excluded from liability for damage, theft, injury, damage, fatal accidents. Nor will it respond to the quality of the service offered.

In summary, Global Free Tours is not liable in any case for damages of any kind arising from the development of the activity.


Global Free Tours reserves the right to make the modifications it deems appropriate in the General Conditions and Policies of use. In this case, users will be notified.

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