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The Meadow of Montevideo

The Meadow of Montevideo

The Meadow of Montevideo, all the history and characteristics of one of the most important neighborhoods of the Uruguayan city.

Considered the “lung of the city”, it is a neighborhood of 102 hectares, which you will want to visit without a doubt. Located between Avenida Millán, Manuel Correa, Boulevard Artigas and Carlos María de Pena.

Its origin dates back to the 19th century, when the city’s aristocracy built country houses and rest houses along the banks of the Miguelete stream where today we find the Meadow Ride (Paseo del Prado).

The Meadow of MontevideoThe fundamental thing about these constructions was the advance that transport experienced, given that this new area began to connect with the capital.

Formerly, the land where today we can enjoy the Meadow Ride was owned by Don José de Buschental, a Frenchman born in Strasbourg who came to settle in Uruguay at that time. But, in the year 1889, a law was declared to expropriate all the buildings and land that made up the Buschental estate. In this way, it was possible to enlarge the public promenade of that time, the “Oriental Meadow”. Little by little, more nearby areas were integrated, to give space to the Meadow Ride that we can enjoy today.

The Meadow of MontevideoBut not only does it have this magnificent walk, which we recommend you visit and enjoy a day outdoors surrounded by beautiful paths! In addition, you can find tourist spaces of interest such as the Juan Manuel Blanes Municipal Museum of Fine Arts, with Latin American, national and European works from the 15th to the 20th century. Also, there is the Botanical Garden, full of flowers, plants and trees so you can continue enjoying nature. And as the last attraction, you will find the Chapel of the Holy Family, which is popularly known as the Jackson Chapel. Also, it is the cradle of the Presidential Residence, the Japanese Garden and the Rose Garden.

Being one of the most important neighborhoods in the city, it is worth a day’s visit to walk around here and delight your eyes with the landscapes formed by the vegetation, in addition to breathing fresh air! As a plus, it is located in an easily accessible area, so you can go wherever you want.

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