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Weather of Buenos Aires

Weather of Buenos Aires

Weather of Buenos Aires, a list of tips to keep in mind and know what weather awaits you when visiting the city, depending on the time of year.

It is common knowledge that Buenos Aires is the largest city in Argentina, therefore, the country’s capital is located here as well.

Located on the banks of the Río de la Plata, it results in a very humid environment. The reality is that this humidity suffers a lot in summer, where the high temperatures of the season are also added. On the other hand, in winter the cold is felt even more than normal.

Starting from this premise, the general climate of the city is rather tempered, with temperatures above 30ºC in summer and that do not drop below 0ºC in winter. January is usually the hottest month, February the month with the most rain and July the coldest month.

Speaking of rains, they vary according to the season of the year, but in summer (December to March) there are intense rains in a short time. Do not be surprised if on the same day there is a storm that seems like the sky is falling and within hours the Sun comes out or everything clears. In autumn (March to June) and winter (July to September), the rains are usually more common and last longer.

It is not usual for you to see snow in Buenos Aires, but there were two times when the miracle happened: in 1918 and in 2007.

Clearly, given the environmental problems that are experienced globally, the climate was changing throughout the world and Buenos Aires was not left out of it. In your case, it is going from being a temperate place to a tropical place: higher temperatures and more rain with each passing year. For this reason, it is very important to continue taking care of the planet, collaborating to stop climate change as much as we can.

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Here we leave you a guide by neighborhoods so that you can enjoy this great city.

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