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What to do in Recoleta

What to do in Recoleta

What to do in Recoleta, a complete list with all the activities and places that you can visit in this famous neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

Known as the second largest neighborhood in the city, full of tradition and attractions that you cannot miss. Among the most emblematic places is the Recoleta Cemetery, as well as renowned museums, palaces and huge parks.

We invite you to join our Recoleta Free Tour here, to learn more about the history of these streets that decorate one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Buenos Aires.

Now, let’s see this huge list so you know What to do in Recoleta:

Mayor Alvear Square (France Square)

What to do in RecoletaThis square is one of the most visited by porteños in their free time, so on weekends, you will notice that the number of people here abounds. It is a beautiful walk to enjoy not only the huge park, but also to visit the artisan fair that unfolds on Av. Pueyrredón and inside the plaza, with a variety of items and products.

This place is popularly known as “France Square”, although it is not exactly its name.

On one side of this square, you will see a large church, as well as the famous Recoleta Cemetery. On that same street, you will see the Recoleta Cultural Center as well.

Around Plaza Francia, there is a lot of gastronomy, so you can sit down and enjoy a coffee, lunch, a snack or even dinner. Nightlife here abounds!


Pilar Church

What to do in RecoletaAs we mentioned before, on one side of the Mayor Alvear Square, you will find the Pilar Church. It is the second oldest building in the city, and the most beautiful and intact colonial church in Buenos Aires.

Originally, it was a Franciscan convent until in 1822, when the friars were expelled.

You will notice that it is a quite simple but very beautiful church. Easily accessible, so you can visit it without problems to enjoy its inner beauty.


Recoleta Cemetery

What to do in RecoletaCataloged as one of the most important attractions of the Plaza, it was founded in 1822, making it the oldest cemetery in the city and the one that concentrates the largest number of remains of emblematic characters fundamental to the history of the country.

Here, you will find the most impressive mausoleums, in homage to the remains of important soldiers, jurists, members of the first government boards, former presidents and everyone from the Argentine political and cultural elite.

With an eminent artistic quality, the mausoleums that inhabit the Cemetery are a sight worth seeing. Inside, the cemetery is like a small city in itself, with streets and diagonals that will take you to the best sculptures and history.

Here we invite you to join our Free Tour of the Recoleta Cemetery, so you can learn even more about the stories and legends that this place hides.


Recoleta Cultural Center

What to do in RecoletaIf you keep walking down the same street as the Church away from the avenue, you will run into a huge building. This place is known as Recoleta Cultural Center. You will notice that it is a combination of styles between an old Franciscan convent and a neoclassical asylum.

With a “progressive, modern and young” vibe, exhibitions and shows of Street Art, electro music, hip hop and others are held.

It has an amphitheater inside, where different concerts are often held.

We recommend you take a walk around here, there are almost always free admission exhibitions.


National Museum of Fine Arts

Museo ArtesKnown as one of the most important museums in the country, with an immense collection of classic and modern art from all periods and, obviously, national art.

Here in this link, you can find out everything about the best museums in Buenos Aires.

The entrance to the National Museum of Fine Arts is free and public, with the exception of some attractions. For this reason, we leave your website here.


Faculty of Law and Floralis Generic

Facultad DerechoHuge building with many stairs that will draw your attention. Venue for various events, but above all, one of the best faculties in the country.

It is located on Av. Figueroa Alcorta, a few blocks from France Square, so it will not be difficult for you to get here. If you follow our list, it is designed so that you go from one point to another in order.

You will find a pedestrian bridge that crosses over the avenue, from which you can take incredible photos with the sunset in the background.

The steps of the faculty are the venue for meetings and gatherings to drink mate there enjoying the fresh air, while many people pass by doing some physical activity or walking dogs.

Right next to the faculty, you will see a huge metallic Flower with its petals open. This structure is the famous Floralis Generic, which opens its petals and closes them depending on the exposure to light, imitating the behavior of a real flower. The hours vary depending on the season of the year in which you see it, but it always opens at 8am and closes at sunset.


Alvear Avenue

Av. AlvearThis avenue is one of the top in the area. Here, many families of Buenos Aires high society built different palaces and mansions at the beginning of the 20th century, in what was known as the golden age of Buenos Aires.

They are mostly French-style, with trees adorning all their sidewalks and creating a beautiful environment to walk around here. Many times, this place is called the “Paris of South America”. To get to know all the palaces and their history, don’t miss our free tour!


Ateneo Grand Splendid

Ateneo SplendidGoing a little further to the center, further from the previous attractions, you will be able to visit the most beautiful bookstore in the city.

Formerly it was a movie theater known as Grand Splendid, which opened at the beginning of the 20th century. Many celebrities from the world of national Tango passed through here.

In 2000, it was recycled to transform it into a Bookstore, being part of the famous chain “El Ateneo”. Luckily, they kept intact their ornaments, boxes, curtains and the huge fresco that you will see in its dome.

You will feel entering a different world, full of books sectored by order and you can even stay inside to read. It has a cafe so you can enjoy something delicious, while delighting your eyes.


Map of Attractions

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