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Where to Stay Buenos Aires

Where to Stay Buenos Aires

Where to Stay Buenos Aires, a list of the best places for you to enjoy luxury accommodation in the largest city in Argentina!

Given its large size, it usually causes some dread when thinking about where to stay during your visit to this beautiful city. Don’t worry, it’s very common to feel a bit confused about accommodations. For this reason, we want to help you decide the best area for your stay here.

The idea is that you can stay in the neighborhoods with the best access and the safest, as well as being the closest to the main attractions of the city.

Now, we are going to see the benefits and the detriments of each Buenos Aires neighborhood so that you can acquire the list of Where to Stay Buenos Aires:


Where to Stay Buenos AiresConsidered the largest neighborhood in the city, here we are going to refer specifically to its popular area known as “Palermo Soho”. Yes, you will see that Palermo is subdivided due to its large size (Palermo Hollywood, Palermo Viejo, Palermo Soho, and more!).

In this case, Palermo Soho is where you will find the majority of hostels and hotels to stay.


+Very safe throughout the day, both day and night!

+It is very chic, picturesque, cute and full of fashion.

+ It has a huge range of bars, restaurants and pubs. Very sophisticated and an ideal place for those who love nightlife and cuisine.



-It does not have huge nearby tourist attractions to be able to do on foot.

-A bit far from the city center.

-You will find access to public transportation only if you move away, going to Santa Fe Avenue where you can take the subway and several buses.

We invite you to discover the things you can do in Palermo here!



Where to Stay Buenos AiresClose to Palermo, it is the second most popular neighborhood in the city.


+Excellent and fast access to any area of ​​the city by subway.

+If you like architecture, culture and art, this neighborhood is the one! In addition, it is very sophisticated.

+It is close to thousands of activities and museums, in addition to being close to the most popular tourist attractions

+One of the safest for you to walk both day and night.



-It may be more expensive.

-It does not have a very active nightlife, but you can find a wide variety of luxurious bars, breweries and restaurants near the Cemetery area.


We invite you to join our Free Tours of the city of Buenos Aires here to learn even more!



Where to Stay Buenos AiresTo be in the center of the city, this is the neighborhood you are looking for. It is not as picturesque as the previous ones, but it has a lot to offer…


+Here you can enjoy the largest number of tourist attractions in the city.

+Area surrounded by theaters, auditoriums and cinemas.

+Being the financial district and center of the city, it is the neighborhood with greater ease of access than any other. Here (and from here) you can move on all the subway lines and a large number of bus lines. That is, you can get anywhere!

+Variety of hostels and hotels, of various kinds, ranging from the cheapest to very expensive. But, it has a greater variety and offer than in other neighborhoods.



-It has a great contrast between the areas, in some you will notice a lot of social life and activities of the after office style, since it is an area of ​​agglomeration of offices and banks. The only problem is that at night it is a fairly deserted area.

-It’s not so safe to walk here at night.

-Full of people circulating all day, especially on weekdays. It is a rather chaotic area in terms of traffic and pedestrians. Think that this is where all the porteños come to work, so the hustle and bustle is the daily sound. Weekends are when it is quieter and emptier.



San TelmoConsidered the most typical neighborhood of Buenos Aires, the traditional one, which maintains the architecture of the old city. With cobblestone streets and lots of tango!


+ Super picturesque and with a very particular personality. It stands out above the rest of the city’s neighborhoods.

+Ideal for those looking for cheap hostels. It is one of the cheapest neighborhoods and has a variety of pensions and hostels to choose from.

+Excellent gastronomy, with notable and traditional cafes, in addition to the typical bodegons of Buenos Aires. Each site maintains a unique, bohemian personality.

+It has the Defense street fair, an excellent attraction to walk the streets of this neighborhood.



-During the day it is very safe to walk here, but, as in Downtown, at night you must walk with more attention and care, since there is not so much movement of people.

-In order to move to other areas, you must walk to Downtown (a couple of blocks) or to 9 of July Avenue, since it does not have many means of transport. You can take some bus lines and use two nearby subway lines.

-If you are looking for a bit of sophistication and class, this is not the place. It is more traditional and not modern or fancy at all.



Puerto MaderoIt is the most modern neighborhood in Buenos Aires, with skyscrapers, offices and many large, luxurious buildings with very modern architecture.


+It is a neighborhood that has a high level of security both day and night. Be careful, some streets are better not to travel at night since there is not so much traffic. But, if you stay in the docks area, you won’t have a space without people!

+Excellent option if you are looking for a luxurious space with a higher level experience.

+The cleanest, most modern and luxurious neighborhood in the city.

+Variety of restaurants for all tastes, bars and places to go out, both day and night. Nightlife is quite active in the restaurant area.

+ Great offer of hotels to stay.



-It is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the city, given its level of luxury.

-It does not have a traditional or local personality, but rather it is too modern and structured.

-Access to the means of transport is more limited, since you will have to go to the center to acquire public transport, or take taxis to be able to move to other parts of the city.


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