FAQFrequently Asked Questions

Are the tours free?

All tours offered on Global Free Tours are free. No payment is necessary when booking or before or after the tour.

Can I cancel the tour?

Cancellations are free and must be made prior to the tour date.

What is the meeting point of the activity?

Each provider will specify the meeting point for each tour.

Is it necessary to print a ticket or e-mail?

No, it is not necessary to print the reservation; you will just have to show up at the meeting point at the time indicated by the service provider.

Can I book for another person?

Yes! When booking an activity you can place the companions you will have on the tour.

How long does the confirmation email take?

The confirmation email is immediate once the reservation is made. If it does not reach you, it is likely that you have typed your email address incorrectly. You can write to book@globalfreetours.com and we will help you.

Are the opinions of the tours real?

Yes. All opinions are real and are about experiences lived by different users.

Why don't I see my published opinion?

The opinions go through a review process so that it does not contain discriminatory words, advertisements or links, and to check if refers to the valued activity.

How to leave an opinion?

At the end of the activity you will receive an email with the relevant satisfaction survey.

How to know if an activity is available?

Simply activate the calendar for the date you want and find the activities available for that date.

What are the languages of the tours?

Each activity indicates in its description the languages of the tours. They are mostly in Spanish and English.

Which days are the activities carried out?

Through the calendar of available activities you can find activities on the different dates of interest.

Can I cancel the reservation?

Yes, reservations can be canceled for free.

What happens if there is bad weather?

Most providers do the tour in bad weather unless it is a natural catastrophe. If you decide not to go, you must cancel the tour as soon as possible.

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