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What to do in Coyoacán

What to do in Coyoacán

Coyoacán, Mexico, is the place where coyotes were worshiped. Previously, it was another town, but today, it is part of the city. It is one of its 16 demarcations, with 54.4 km2, 3.6% of the country’s territory. It has a high concentration of tourist and cultural infrastructure.

It is one of the most colorful places, with strong reminiscences of the colonial era.

Coyoacán is of Nahuatl origin, and derives from the words coyotl ‘coyote’, -hua ‘possessive particle’, and -can ‘locative particle’. It can be translated as Place of the owners of coyotes.

To start you can take a walk through the Coyoacán Market. It is the perfect place to start the morning, so we recommend you have some quesadillas for breakfast with a typical drink.

You will be very close to Frida Kahlo’s old house, “La casa azul”. To see the museums you can visit in Mexico, including Frida’s, we leave you this note with the best available.

Now, with all this said, get ready for our list of places to visit in Coyoacán:

Coyoacán Market

coyoacán méxicoOpened in 1921, it stands out for its colors and tradition.

It was moved, due to a space issue, and is currently located on Allende Street, between Malintzin and Xicoténcatl.

In addition to finding the typical of any market, such as vegetables, meat, raw materials, etc., this particular market offers you food that you will crave, juices and smoothies, a wide variety of crafts, costumes for all occasions, typical clothes and trendy, traditional Mexican toys, and much more.

It is the place where, for each holiday, you will find everything you need to decorate whatever you want!


Centennial Garden (Jardín Centenario)

coyoacán méxicoIt bears his name, in commemoration of the first 100 years of the independence of Mexico during the government of President Porfirio Díaz.

It has a coyote fountain, by the sculptor Gabriel Ponzanelli, representative of the city.

At the southwest end of the Garden, is the Casa de Cultura Benemérito de las Américas, which offers art workshops, as well as exhibitions and concerts.


Frida Kahlo’s Museum

coyoacán méxicoLocated at Londres 247 Street, it is also known as the Blue House (Casa Azul).

It belonged to the Kahlo family since 1904 and, in 1958, after Frida’s death, it was turned into a museum.

There, it was where Frida lived her best and worst moments, along with Diego Rivera. By entering this Blue House, you will be able to enter Frida’s universe and experience the works of these artists from the inside proper.

It is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Here we leave you its website to be able to be aware of the schedules and protocols, given the global situation of the COVID-19 virus. Currently, it is closed until further notice.


Trótsky Museum

coyoacán méxicoThis zone of intellectuals was the place chosen by Leon Trotsky when he fled from Stalin’s Russia. In 1940 he was assassinated there.

The house can be visited and is located in Río Churubusco 410. Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00, with an entry value of $ 280 Mexican pesos (year 2020).

It is much busier on the weekends so if you like to share with locals go on Saturday or Sunday.

This place, preserves León’s belongings intact, exhibits photographs of his family and his life as a revolutionary. In addition, he keeps his ashes and those of his wife in the gardens of the place.

Due to the global COVID-19 situation, it remains temporarily closed.


Church of San Juan Bautista

coyoacán méxicoEmblem of the town and symbol of the beauty of the New Spain Baroque.

National monument and one of the three oldest temples in Mexico.

You will be able to admire its Herrerian style facade, with geometric rigor and absence of decoration. Inside, it is full of Baroque style, with carved altars, painted walls and the vault with images of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, the work of Juan de Fabregat.


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