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Markets in Santiago de Chile

Markets in Santiago de Chile

Markets in Santiago de Chile, we bring you a list with the best and most recognized markets in the city.

When you walk through Santiago, you will find some markets that are scattered throughout the city. This is a great way to get to know the culture in a traditional setting.

It’s nice to hang out where local citizens go, and maybe you can learn a little more from them.

Walking through these places will take you to enjoy and learn about some drinks, ingredients and typical fruits of the Chilean culture and (why not?), you can even return home with some ideas to enrich your kitchen!

In this brief selection you can see some of the closest to the city center:

Central Market (Mercado Central)

markets in santiago de chileIf you pay attention to the name, you have probably guessed that it is the main market in Santiago. It is famous for its seafood restaurants and for the wide variety of wines available. If you like seafood, this place is a must!

The building itself is quite interesting, built in 1872 has a cast iron roof as they used to build at the time. It has 2 floors, and more than 200 positions.

It is considered one of the most emblematic buildings in the city and the quality of the products is internationally recognized.

For more information, we leave your website here.


Central La Vega

markets in santiago de chileDedicated mainly to fruits, vegetables, daily products and meat from the Central Valley of Chile.

The activity here is continuous (retail during the day, wholesale during the night) and has more than 1000 stores. This makes it one of the largest markets in South America.

You name a product, you will surely find it there!


Little La Vega (La Vega Chica)

markets in santiago de chileYou should not confuse this market with “La Vega Central”. This one is located just across the street from the Tirso de Molina market.

Since this market is much smaller than others, it is not that famous.

Generally, it is divided into two areas: one dedicated to meat and the other to house local food for some diners eager to try some of the more traditional Chilean dishes. They also have very good prices.


Santa Lucía Artisan Market

markets in santiago de chileRight next to the Santa Lucía hill and the homonymous metro station is this beautiful market.

Ideal for buying clothes, souvenirs, musical instruments and crafts.

If you were only walking up the Santa Lucía hill (see this activity and some more things to do in the city here), this is a good place to stop and take a break, as it also has some cafes and stalls with delicious snacks near.


Tirso de Molina

markets in santiago de chileAlthough the market itself has existed since the 1950s, it is located in a new building as of 2011.

The stalls are organized on two levels, the lower one for vendors and the upper one for cafes and restaurants.

This market (which is mainly dedicated to fresh products, fruits and vegetables) is very close to the Central Market. Many people prefer it because it is usually less crowded.

It is not as overrun by tourists as the main one.


Patio Bellavista

markets in santiago de chileWith a slightly fancier setting, this is a great place to view clothing and jewelry.

More than a market, you could say that it is a kind of open-air shopping center immersed in an area with a great nightlife.

Many of the restaurants around this area have terraces.

Also, it is a very popular place to eat during the day. There are many stores focused on leather products. If that’s not what you’re looking for, just two blocks away you have the Bellavista Craft Market (we leave the location on the map below).


Map of Attractions

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