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Things to do in Buenos Aires

Things to do in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a multicultural city that has plenty things to do. We will show you the top 10 activities you must do on your visit to Buenos Aires. 


Plaza de Mayo is the heart of Argentina. This historic square is the stage where the argentina people have expressed their happiest and saddest historic events. As the main square of a country full of passion and struggles, no one can say he has been to Buenos Aires if he didn’t visit the Plaza de Mayo. If you want to know better this place join our Free tours in the city center.

things to do in buenos aires COLORS OF LA BOCA

The neighborhood of la Boca is a classic Postcard of Buenos Aires! Picturesque streets full of colors make an outdoor atelier for artists. This place is the home for Tango and the historic collective houses of immigrants that arrived to Buenos Aires in the late 19th century. Passion for football is alive in the Boca Juniors football stadium! Check our tours in La Boca.


things to do in buenos aires SAN TELMO MARKET

The San Telmo Market is the most famous market in Buenos Aires. It takes place every Sunday. The local artists sell every type of handicrafts and antiques that reflect the traditions of Buenos Aires.



things to do in buenos aires VISIT THE RECOLETA CEMETERY

If you like fantasy and magical places go visit the most impressive cemetery of the world! The Recoleta Cemetery is a Necropolis full of ornate impressive mauseums. This cluster of graves is not only one of the biggest outdoor expositions of art for the dead but it also holds some of the best stories in Buenos Aires. Join our Recoleta Cemetery Tourand discover the unbelievable story of Evita’s corpse.



Buenos Aires is the world capital of Tango! This unique south American style of dancing and music is one of the greates traditions admire by the whole world. Buenos Aires offers different ways of seeing tango from Tango Shows to Milongas (Tango Clubs).




Different to Europe, regulations on walls are more flexible in Buenos Aires. This gave room to an incredible boom of Street Art and Graffiti that has become a very strong trend in Buenos Aires. The neighborhood of Palermo has a very goodand accessible collection of Street Art. Locals and tourist love it! If you are looking for Graffiti Tours in Buenos Aires click here.




Contrasting to La Boca or San Telmo, Recoleta is the heart of the aristocratic Buenos Aires. Big streets are surrounded by giant and sophistication mansions that belonged once to the elite classes that ruled Argentina. The Architecture and monuments in Recoleta are really stunning and fundamental part of the golden years of the country. Join our Free Recoleta Tour!



If you like architecture and art Teatro Colon is perfect for you. This gem is the best theatre of the Americas and a really stunning building. Close from Teatro Colon you will find Plaza San Martin a centric plaza full of aristocratic palaces, modern skyscrapers and sophisticated statues in the beautiful gardens. More info about Teatro Colon in this article.



Do you like meat? If the answer is yes Argentina is the perfect place for you! We have the best steak in the world. In Buenos Aires you will find many steak houses all around the city where you can get the classic argentine fat pieces of meat and the best argentine malbec wine! If you love food check these articles: what to eat in Buenos Aires– Complete guide to the Argentine Steak – Best Steak Houses in Buenos Aires



Tired of the hustle and bustle of the big city? Buenos Aires has an amazing collection of parks and beautiful gardens. All year round these are good to see and enjoy! Check a full article of this place here.



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