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Buenos Aires North Coast

Buenos Aires North Coast

Buenos Aires North Coast, all the details for you to enjoy a completely free outdoor space in the city.

It was planned as a walk to take in the open air, when Alvear was president in Argentina. It is basically a corridor that runs parallel to the Río de la Plata, joining the neighborhoods of University City and Recoleta, passing through the neighborhood of Palermo.

Buenos Aires North CoastDeveloped on land that used to be just for fill, extracted in the construction process of the Line B Subway. In 1938, it was decreed that these lands be used to form a public park and promenade.

In this place, you will see a fusion of spaces and styles that make it one of the most pleasant places in the city of Buenos Aires to be able to have a walk, do some entertainment or physical activity, or simply take a break contemplating the river view. In turn, you will notice that there are no buildings or skyscrapers that can cover the landscape, so contemplating the horizon, enjoying the Sun and breathing fresh air is fascinating here! Even if you go for a walk, you will fully appreciate this place.

Buenos Aires North CoastIn turn, you will notice that there are many shopping centers, some recreation and sports spaces and, of course, many green spaces. In addition, you can delight your palate by tasting good street food, or immerse yourself in a restaurant of the area. We recommend that you try the delights of the food carts that are unmissable! Do not be guided so much by the aesthetic, because they will surely not attract your attention, but you eat very well in all of them. Without a doubt, you are going to try the best Bondiola sandwiches and choripanes of Argentina!

Buenos Aires North CoastIn 2013, the Park was inaugurated, with the aim of having a space to practice extreme sports such as arena, skate, bicycle polo and longboard. Clearly, cyclists were not excluded, since you will see bike paths all over the place, adding benches to sit down to rest.

Do not be surprised to see many people fishing, even professional fishermen, since it is a very common area to carry out this action. You will even find the Fishermen’s Club.

Arriving at the end of the Coast, you will find the Memory Park, a space to commemorate all the state victims of the Argentine military dictatorship between 1976 and 1983.

On the border with the province area, moving away from the capital, you can visit the Children’s Park. A coastal space with 32 hectares to continue enjoying the outdoors. In summer, the Buenos Aires Beach project works: umbrellas, deckchairs and activities available to visitors. From there, you will see a bridge that crosses towards the Vicente López Walk, which is the first municipality in the province with an extensive coastal space to continue enjoying the view of the River.

The North Coast stands out for being a space outside the hustle and bustle of the city. Here you will find a higher level of silence, despite the fact that many people frequent the area. Without a doubt, we recommend that you spend even half a day to visit this place!

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