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Parks and Squares Montevideo

Parks and Squares Montevideo

Parks and Squares Montevideo, all the information so you can enjoy a different day in the best green spaces in the city.

One of the typical customs of Uruguay is to enjoy an afternoon doing your favorite sport: drinking mate in a square. For this reason, these spaces function as a meeting point, space for recreation, sports and even to release stress.

Any time of the year is good to get some fresh air, for this reason, we put together a section with the best squares and parks in the city.

You will be able to enjoy different outdoor activities, obtaining a moment of relaxation and contact with nature.

Now, let’s see the most important squares and parks in Montevideo:

Cagancha Square

Parks and Squares MontevideoIt is one of the most characteristic squares of the Uruguayan city, located in the center, on 18 of July Avenue. Also known as Liberty Square, although the authentic one with this name is located in the Ituzaingó neighborhood.

Around this place, the most important buildings in Uruguay are located, so you can, in addition to enjoying a green space, visit the rest of the attractions on the same day.


Montevideo Meadow

Parks and Squares Montevideo15 minutes from the center of Montevideo, in the neighborhood of the same name, stands this wild space with large open spaces for sports, photo galleries, a lake for boating, games for children and outdoor shows.

Undoubtedly, it is a great space to carry out different activities and enjoy a great day in nature.


Batlle Park

Parks and Squares MontevideoLike the Prado, this space acts as the lung of the city, between the neighborhoods of Pocitos and Centro-Cordón. It is a huge extension of land, where the Athletics Track, the Municipal Velodrome and the Centennial Stadium are located.

In turn, it has several green spaces with trails for walking or doing some activity such as running, games for children, fountains to make wishes and put together a picnic, as well as a wide variety of vegetation to enjoy a moment in nature.


Rodó Park

Parks and Squares MontevideoOne of the best-known spaces in the city of Montevideo, given its size and location.

It has a large lagoon, a photography gallery, several fountains, a small castle and even an amusement park!

Here we tell you much more about this busy space in the heart of the city.


Villa Biarritz Park

Biarritz SquareIn the heart of the Punta Carretas neighborhood, you will find this immense Villa Biarritz property with a large space for sports or recreational activities.

On Saturday mornings a beautiful fair is held, so you can enjoy different items and crafts.

Located a few blocks from the famous Montevideo boulevard, you will be close to different attractions to visit spaces such as the Pittamiglio Castle and the Rodó Park among others.


Líber Seregni Square

Seregni SquareIf you stay in the center, this square is the right space for a moment of relaxation in the activities of the city.

Without a doubt, you will see it as soon as you get close to the area, given its immense size and extension. Here, you will find, in addition to games for children, a multifunctional court, a large fountain, a skate park and different spaces for outdoor activities or sports.

If the fatigue of so much walking invades you, this place is ideal to sit down to breathe and enjoy a bit of the nature that surrounds you.


Main Square

Matriz PlazaThis is where the first Constitution of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay was sworn in in 1830. This square was the center of life in the city, since it is surrounded by the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Cabildo and other important buildings.

Currently, it is the commercial and tourist hub of Montevideo, so visiting it is a mandatory stop. Near here, you will find a great variety of gastronomic offers, as well as cultural institutions.

It has a large marble public fountain of Italian design that will dazzle your eyes.


Virgilio Square

Virgilio PlazaAlso known as the Navy Square, it is located at the tip of the coast. Characteristics more similar to a Park than to a Plaza, it has ravines and strips of trees everywhere.

Here, you will find different sculptures, as well as very different landscape qualities from the previous spaces.

Undoubtedly, it is a space for a quiet leisure walk.


Juan Pedro Fabini Square (Entrevero)

FabiniIts name is due to Juan Pedro Fabini, a Uruguayan politician and engineer.

The idea under which this space was created was to take a route, so you will find a path on a diagonal axis, integrated into a turn towards a geometric center, where the fountain is located with the sculpture The Entrevero, a conjunction of spears, men and horses.

The vegetation is varied and you will notice some huge palm trees, as well as a bookstore and a local gastronomy. It has small walls, colorful garden areas and other small fountains.

In its basement, you can visit the Subway Exhibition Center where exhibitions of national and foreign artists are held in its three rooms, as well as theatrical shows, talks and various cultural activities.


Zabala Square

Zabala PlazaUntil 1878, it was the place where the Government House was located, to later give rise to this beautiful space with more romantic characteristics.

With a neo-Gothic style, the drinking fountain was preserved and it has a central monument in honor of General Bruno Mauricio de Zabala, who founded the Montevideo city.

Independence Square

Independence SquareIn charge of dividing the city between the Center and the Old City. Here, you will find the Government House, the Estévez Palace and the Palace of Justice.

In turn, it houses the statue of General José Gervasio Artigas and the most emblematic building of the city: The Salvo Palace.

It is almost impossible for you to visit Montevideo, and not go through this space! Here we tell you much more.



The Rambla

RamblaMontevideo is one of the few cities that can be traveled from end to end along its coastal end, always with a view of the sea.

We recommend you walk along its boulevard, to visit the most touristy neighborhoods, as well as enjoy the best landscapes of Montevideo. The sunsets here will undoubtedly dazzle you!

Here we leave you more information.


We invite you to join our Free Tours here, to learn much more about Montevideo.

Here we tell you everything you can do in this city!


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