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What to do in La Boca

What to do in La Boca

What to do in La Boca, a guide with the best places to visit and get to know this colorful neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

It is a very important place for the history of our country, since this is where Tango was born, and where the combination of its colorful houses intensifies with the passion for soccer.

To learn more about this neighborhood, we invite you to join our Tour La Boca here!

Now yes, let’s start walking to find out what to do in La Boca:


What to do in La BocaIt is a world-famous street with colorful walls.

We can literally say that it is a museum in itself, but in the open air! Headquarters of the immigrant boxes that arrived in our country through the port in the 20th century.

Here, you will find many artists with their exhibitions on the street itself, as well as running into several tango dancers.

Around, you can enjoy many typical bodegons of the Buenos Aires tradition.


Tenements (Conventillos)

What to do in La BocaThese are old houses where entire families of immigrants settled when they arrived in the city. Today, many have been converted into craft or antique shops, many others are bodegons or restaurants, and many others are still family homes.

If you join our Tour La Boca, you will be able to meet Matilde and her conventillo, to observe the architecture of the original house and learn more about the history. In those that were converted into art galleries or antique houses, you will be able to access freely, since they are open to the public.


Filleted Porteño

What to do in La BocaDeveloped in the city, it is a very distinctive and unique style of art. With curved lines, vivid colors and very creative compositions, it is mostly used for house decoration or signage. Without a doubt, you will see this style throughout the neighborhood! You will even see it replicated in San Telmo, another traditional neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

In turn, you will be able to observe that many walls of La Boca have huge murals and street art, as an explicit sign of the feelings of those who were marginalized, residents of this place since its origin. If there is something that this neighborhood lacks, it is passion, and its walls show it.

In addition, you will find the Plastic Artists Fair in Caminito every day, to take home a souvenir of this beautiful neighborhood that is so characteristic and full of local tradition.


Boca Juniors Stadium

La BomboneraKnown worldwide as one of the most important soccer teams in Argentina, you cannot visit La Boca and not get close to this colorful soccer stadium!

It is popularly known about the unparalleled passion of xeneizes fans, in addition to the immense number of tournaments that this team won, so we recommend that you take a moment to visit the Museo de la Pasión Boquense and learn about the history and characters. who passed through here. We leave you the link to the Museum website for more information.

In many parts of the neighborhood, you will notice the blue and yellow colors on doors, windows and walls, a symbol of the passion for this football team.

The stadium is known as La Bombonera, a temple of football and the passion of the Argentines.


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