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Go Shopping in Montevideo

Go Shopping in Montevideo

Go Shopping in Montevideo, a list with the best places to shop in the city.

As we have seen, Montevideo is a place that has many varied attractions to offer. Without a doubt, you will find different ways to entertain yourself and enjoy this beautiful Uruguayan city.

One of these favorite activities is shopping, since it has a huge range of fairs and shopping centers for all tastes.

For this reason, we want to tell you about the best options for Go Shopping in Montevideo:

Tristan Narvaja Fair

Go Shopping in MontevideoIt is the most popular and largest fair in Montevideo. You will find it only on Sunday mornings, on Tristán Narvaja street, hence its name.

With a huge variety of articles of all kinds and gastronomy, as well as relics, pet supplies, furniture and games.

Inaugurated in 1909, it is a must if you visit Montevideo since it is one of the characteristic walks of the city.


Montevideo Shopping

It is one of the oldest shopping centers in Montevideo. Located in the Buceo neighborhood, you will find all kinds of international brand stores, as well as beautiful cinemas and theaters, accompanied by a wide range of international cuisine in its food court.


Tres Cruces Shopping

In this case, we can say that it is one of the most versatile shopping centers in the city, given that, in addition to functioning as a commercial space, it is home to the travel terminal. This will allow you to leave from here to continue getting to know Uruguay.

Here you will find renowned brands of clothing, entertainment or toy stores.


Punta Carretas Shopping

Go Shopping in MontevideoOne of the most important centers in the city, as well as being the largest.

With a huge number of restaurants, cinemas and commercial premises of the items you imagine. It is one of the most recommended to find everything you are looking for, given its wide range of products and its variety.


July 18 Avenue

Being the main street of the city, it has the added advantage of being an excellent tourist attraction for shopping. It has endless shops and street stalls, as well as being full of monuments, historic buildings and squares where you can rest while breathing nature.

Here we leave you more information about this famous avenue.


Sarandí Pedestrian

Also located in Old City, it is the main axis of the neighborhood, as well as being one of the streets most visited by tourists.

You will find shops where you can buy all kinds of souvenirs, clothing stores and leather goods. In addition, on the Independence Square, you can find the artisan fair to bring some typical craft product from there.


Agricultural Market

Go Shopping in MontevideoIt is one of the largest markets in Montevideo, with an extension of a complete block.

In this space, you will find a variety of ingredients and foods, fruits, national vegetables, vegetables and exotic species. In addition to drinks, meats and national products, all at a lower cost than in other places in the city.

It is commonly known as MAM and is an ideal space for a different kind of shopping trip. It is available every day.


Rodó Park Fair

In this case, it is an open-air market that, without a doubt, is one of the busiest in the city.

Here you will find an enormous variety of gastronomic offer, including typical Uruguayan sweets and cakes, as well as souvenirs and regional crafts.

The addition that makes it even more attractive is its proximity to Rodó Park (here you can learn more!) that will give you a beautiful day of walking, enjoying nature and with many entertainment options.



In addition to these sites, here we tell you about the Port Market, one of the most popular spaces in Montevideo, to continue enjoying those typical places of the city.


We invite you to join here our Free Tours around the city, to continue discovering the history, culture and wonders it has to offer you!


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