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What to do in Tigre

What to do in Tigre

What to do in Tigre, all the activities that you will be able to enjoy during your visit to this large Municipality a couple of km from the City Center.

Considered one of the most chosen destinations by porteños to enjoy a full day outdoors. It does not matter the time of year, since nature always gives beautiful and relaxing landscapes. Here, you will be able to enjoy an ideal environment to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and without having to go too far.

Let’s see the best activities so you know what to do in Tigre:

How to get to Tigre

First of all, we must know the different ways to get to Tigre, so we leave you this note here so that you have all the information on the means of public transport, in addition to the route by bicycle and car.

Once you arrive at your destination, all these activities that we detail below will await you…

Tour of the Delta Paraná River

What to do in TigreWithout a doubt, what you will most want to do is get to know the Delta and you will not be able to escape it! It occurs at the mouth of several rivers, which drag the sediments and end up forming the islands as labyrinths. The explanation is a little more complex, but we do not want to deviate from the fundamentals, which is that you can spend a relaxing moment here.

A few blocks from the transport stations, from the port of Tigre, you will find many river service options to be able to travel the Delta and its flows. You can choose between large and small boats, in addition to the traditional Catamaran.

You do not need a prior reservation and you can buy the tickets at the River Station of your choice.

In addition, you can go to the nearby spa, in the same boat, and spend your day here. It has a variety of restaurants and bars with food for all tastes during the day. If it helps you with extra information, you can use Google Maps and choose the one that most catches your attention.

If you can stay the night in the Delta, it is an ideal plan to continue enjoying this beautiful place. There are several rental options through Airbnb that rent by the night. In the dark, the sky is dressed in stars and the crickets will be the ones that musicalize the moment!

If the preference is sport, you will be able to do the same route but in Kayak. You will find several places that offer an equipment rental service or a ride included. To rent the equipment, you will need previous experience, since it is a high traffic area.


Walk along the Victorica Ride

What to do in TigreJust a couple of blocks from the station where you will arrive from public transport, is where this beautiful walk begins. A walk along the banks of the Luján River, with approximately more than 10 blocks, enjoying an incredible view of the river.

Here, you can enjoy a meal or drink in the nearby restaurants or simply sit on one of the benches there and enjoy the scenery that surrounds you.

During the walk, you will see two very important museums that are the Tigre Art Museum and the Naval Museum.


Visit the Puerto de Frutos

What to do in TigreIt is a huge market, which has been changing over the years. Its name is due to the fact that, in its beginnings, it had an exclusive commercialization of Vegetables and Fruits that arrived in boats, coming from the Paraná River.

Currently, although you can buy some vegetables or fruits, it has become a market with a greater variety of products. Here you will find everything from purely artisanal works, to furniture, antiques, products made of wood, wicker and the like, to even places where you can enjoy some homemade food, traditional dishes and a variety of natural drinks.

Once you have visited the Delta, you can take a tour of this huge market and take a souvenir with you.


Coast Park

Coast ParkIf you are interested in adrenaline and fun, this place is ideal for a day of roller coasters, bumper cars and many more attractions!

It is a giant amusement park, with endless activities to do in the same day. The ideal is not to visit it in high season, since the lines for each game become quite long.

It has an entry that you must pay and you can choose the type of ticket you want to have. Here is their website for more information.


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Map of Attractions

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