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Buenos Aires Museums Tour

Buenos Aires Museums Tour

Buenos Aires Museums Tour, to be able to visit the best options that the city offers.

As you have already seen, Buenos Aires is a very complete city in terms of cultural activities, and it has options for all tastes. Museums are one of the main attractions that tourists seek and that is why we decided to put together a tour of the most important museums in the city, and those that you cannot miss.

In this note, we tell you about the Best Museums in Buenos Aires, but now, we want to show you how to get to the most important museums. Best of all, you can visit them all on foot!

Buenos Aires Museums TourWe will start our walk from Recoleta, exactly, at the intersection of Av. Alvear with Posadas street. From here, two blocks away is the Recoleta Cemetery (which you can visit with our Cemetery Tour here!). Our first site is located here and it is the Palais de Glace or National Palace of Arts. This site has free admission, in addition to having incredible art samples. We leave you their website here for more information.

Buenos Aires Museums Tour

If we continue our way along Av. Del Libertador, two more blocks, you will find, on the right hand side, the National Museum of Fine Arts. It is one of the busiest museums, with a variety of exhibitions and activities. Also, the entrance is free. You can get more information here!


Buenos Aires Museums TourContinuing along Av. Del Libertador, about three more blocks from the National Museum of Fine Arts, you will find the National Museum of Decorative Art. It is a palace, that even its own building will dazzle you. The visit to the Museum is free, without prior reservation, but it may happen that some exhibitions have an extra cost, but they are usually very accessible values! Here we leave you their website to obtain all the updated information.

MalbaFinally, going towards Av. Alcorta, walking three more blocks, you will see our last museum of the tour. This museum is one of the most famous in the city and it is the MALBA: Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires. Unfortunately, the visit to this place is not free, but on Wednesdays it has a significant discount. In turn, it has some discounts depending on the means of payment. We leave you their website here for more information.

IMPORTANT: Given the global situation of COVID-19, some establishments have certain protocols or visitor capacity, so we recommend that you inform yourself before visiting them.

This is the end of our Buenos Aires Museums Tour, so you can enjoy the best options, touring the neighborhoods of Recoleta and Palermo.

To find out everything you can do in Recoleta, follow this link!

If you want to learn more about Palermo, we leave you all the information here.

We invite you to join our Free Tours Buenos Aires here, to continue discovering everything about this wonderful city together.


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